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A Study Of Body Composition Changes Before And After Performing Muslim Prayer In Male Subjects

by Abdul Rahim Abdul RazakSemester 2, 2004/2005This thesis presents the study of body composition changes in male Muslims before and after performing salat zuhur in congregation. The measurement used single frequency and multifrequency bioelectrical impedance method to measure the human body composition..The alternating current value less 1 mA with single frequency at 50 kHz and multifrequency range from 5 – 1000 kHz are applied through the human body for body composition measurement.
47 male subjects’ age ranges from 19 - 47 years volunteered participate in this study. All statistical data analysis is performed with SPPS version 12 and Microsoft Office Excel version 2003. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is applied to the data to identify the significant value between the groups of data before and after prayer with the six conditions is salat which is number of takbeer in salat, condition of rukuk, condition of toe, place of salat zuhur, time of salat zuhur and level of understanding meaning of reading in salat zuhur.
The result shows that the phase angle, body cell mass and intracellular water are significant parameters to analyze (p < 0.05) with the six condition in salat zuhur and these three parameters are correlated each other. The Cole – Cole plot and Phase Angle versus Frequency graph also give a significant evaluation. The result shows an increment of phase angle, body cell mass and intracellular water in single frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis. For the multifrequency bioelectrical impedance analysis, the Cole – Cole plot will translate to the right and upward of the graph area and the phase angle value increase with the increasing of the frequency.
From the data measurement analysis, there are 6 condition must be perform by the Muslims to achieve the best result and performance in salat zuhur. The person must do as following: Do all 4 takbeer in every rakaat of salat zuhur; Bend straight at 90° during rukuk position; Erect the right toe during sajdah, sit between sajdah, first tashahhud and final tashahhud; Achieve an excellent level of understanding meaning of reading in salat; Establish salat zuhur in congregation at mosque; Establish salat zuhur in time duration equal to 7 minutes
Supervisor: Fatimah Ibrahim

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