Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brain Computer Communication (BCC) – Asynchronous/Synchronous Applications

by Leow Ruen Shan
Semester 2, 2004/2005A

brain computer interface (BCI) system can be used by severely disabled people to communicate or to control devices. The main purpose of this project is to incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology into an existing UM-BCI system to enable wireless serial communication between the data acquisition system and the computer. It also allows the computer to send control commands to two remote Bluetooth devices (prosthetic hand and LEDs). A graphic user interface is designed to test the BCI system to control a prosthetic hand that can perform four types of actions, and also to control other devices such as switching on/off LEDs. The results showed that the Bluetooth wireless modification to the UM-BCI system functioned satisfactorily. Supervisor: Goh Sing Yau

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