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Biomedical Engineering Program at University of Malaya(UnderGradute)

Biomedical Engineering Program at University of Malaya

This programme is the first academic programme in Malaysia offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses in biomedical engineering. It started at the beginning of the 1997/98 with an intake of 21 undergraduates.

Undergraduate Program Structure

The undergraduate curriculum concretizes basic knowledge in the different areas of Biomedical Engineering into a four-year programme, stressing on mathematics, computer, mechanics, and electronics. It takes the following structure:
First Year = Initial level
Second Year = Intermediate Level 1
Third Year = Intermediate Level 2
Fourth Year = Final Year

Objectives and Aims

The objectives of introducing the Biomedical Engineering programme are as follows:
To upgrade the engineering expertise in order to meet current demands in the medical field
To produce professionals in the field of biomedical engineering
To offer a course in Biomedical Engineering at the undergraduate level
This programme educates the students with strong selected knowledge in the fields of biology and medicine, and an appropriate combination of knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering, in particular applied mechanics and electronics. It trains the students so that they attain the qualification and competency to carry out the following activities:
To design, monitor, install, maintain and service medical and laboratory equipment
To carry out analysis and research in order to give advice and provide consulting services pertaining to engineering-related medical problems
To work hand-in-hand with medical experts on specific patient treatments

Admission Requirement

Applications are open to all STPM/ Matriculation/ A levels students. Besides fulfilling the University's general requirements, the students must pass with:
Minimum of Grade B (CGPA 3.0) in Mathematics and Physics, or
Minimum of Grade B (CGPA 3.0) in Mathematics
Minimum of Grade A- (CGPA 3.7) in Biology and Chemistry, and
Minimum of Grade A2 in SPM Physics.
Preference will be given to applicants who studied Biology at the post-SPM level. Equivalent qualifications are also considered.

Degree Awarded

Students who meet all the course requirements from the Initial Level to the Final Level will be awarded the Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (BBEng) degree.

Professional Recognition

Application is being made to the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), Malaysia for the degree to be recognized as a qualification to attain the status of graduate engineers.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are expected to be able to gain employment as engineers in the public and private sectors, which include hospitals, research and medical centres, and companies providing engineering services to hospitals. They can also be employed to handle jobs in other related engineering areas.


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